Seven Paths

Hot rice
Cold sardines
Garden ripe tomatoes

Comfort food. A risky thing to eat at work for lunch, but there it is, the need for comfort and this is the shape of it today. No salt for the tomatoes though...bad for the heart. So I'm left to imagine the metalic tang heightening the sweetness of the red fruit. It's enough.

I hear old Mercury is up to his contrary tricks again, traveling backwards and causing words to falter all over the place. Lots of writers taking well deserved breaks out there, but also blogs are closing, harsh words are being left on doorsteps and window frames. Usually I'm good during Merc Retro, having been born during one, but this time thick thoughts are things on the periphery, and I'm left with a diet of two syllable words and pop culture phrases.

But Mercury is just one story, one narrative, one way to explain the apparently inexplicable connections and current discontent. They tell me Saturn is doing funky things too, and soon I find myself surfing the 'net in search of my favorite astrologers...John Cainer...Eric Francis...googling phrases like Current Transits and Christ Centered Astrology and such. It doesn't seem plausible given my current faith path to be doing such things, but these are older narratives, familiar ones from a life Just Before this one.

And somehow this thought dovetails into thinking about Leny's deconstruction of Master Narratives to decolonize the mind which leads to Babaylan and the 'old ways' of the Filipino people and how those old ways are like the native ways of the Pacific NW and how Six Directions that Eileen speaks about is part of the Seven Paths of my old magical system and how choices and love are what is most important in life.

I've spoken about mosaics, about being broken by life and experience, having to take those pieces and create new meaning with them. Now it seems that the breaking and the coming together are happening all at once, very fast, so it's hard to tell where the spinning will end, where I will step off the carousel onto a new path.

I try to break it down into manageable pieces...there is story...there is audience...there is healing...there is linking to the land...there is community...there is art...there is witness to what was once unspeakable...there is history...there is heritage...there is culture...there is movement...there are old ways...there are new paths...narrative...performance...standing still...bringing together.

"the idea of canon is dissolving with all this extension of story" - Sky

The decentering of the written word for the sake of the story’s heart.

"The point is, you're bigger than any problem or situation in your life, and part of why you struggled in the past was precisely because you failed to recognize that fact. There is no situation -- personal or professional -- that actually has more power than you, or that has more influence over your life than your simple ability to make decisions. But you would go a long way toward helping yourself and everyone else if you refuse to let other people's fear have any influence over you." - Eric Francis

It is a radical thought to move from being afraid of being forgotten/overlooked to just /being/. And allowing that /being/ to fill the soul with what is needed.

Is this the babaylan way?
Is this the storyteller's wisdom?
Is this the gift the problem presents?

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