Sea Stories

Best Quote from last weekend's camping trip with the kids and 'rents at Ocean Shores:

My friend says "They're so rich, they have to go out to be poor!" - my mother, encapsulating her true feelings about the whys and wherefores of the 'American' urge to 'camp.'

So on the one hand we have my mom who believes that she camped out enough during wartime and on the other, we have my dad who has been itching to go camping since I was a Brownie Scout. Put into the mix the Timeshare they had bought at the insistence of my Lolo some 20 years ago, and you've got the groundwork for what was the actual experience of the 'camping' trip. I keep saying 'camping' because we were actually all just sharing a 5 person trailer permanently parked at a seaside resort with running water, electricity and cable TV. So yeah, in a sense we /paid/ to be trailer trash for a weekend. *chuckle.*

That said, there was nothing more wonderful than to be by the sea again. It was the first time I had been oceanside since leaving Hawaii 7 years ago. Before moving to Hawaii, I loved to be by the sea, but was mostly comfortable near the Puget Sound, rather than the open sea. The power of the waves was just too overwhelming. In Hawaii, the power was worse and actually gave me a sense of vertigo. I thought perhaps I had lost my sea-sense.

But last weekend, I walked along the shore, played tag with the waves, and didn't feel a /bit/ of vertigo. I felt /at home/ finally. And to be there with my family, picking up half sand dollars and watching the kites lift into the sky was just incredible. Having Leny's Book of Her Own along with me helped me reset a few jangled nerves and ease some worries. New ones cropped up, of course, in their wake.

I've nearly lapsed into my old stress patterns except that now I have babaylan in my heart and the sea in my spirit, and all I have to do is remember my walk and everything just seems to be okay again.

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