Remixing and Modding

ukuk lalang and I have been backchanneling about remixing and modding that has been around since art and artists have been sharing work, but we think has only recently begun to be codified as a type of resistance to dominant artistic paradigms. We're still working it through, though, churning through the idea of authorship, authenticity, and appropriation.

ukuk lalang sent me this today which is a sweet remix of Adrienne Wolter.

I smile,
Not because I’m happy,
(though I’m not sad)
Or because the sun is shining,
(even though it is).
No, not for anything like that.

There is so much wrong
At any given moment,
But when I see you,
It is all becalmed
By the one thing
That is so right.


Which of course, made me smile. Ain't perpetual motion machines grand?

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