Pinoy HipHop

Last week on So You Think You Can Dance one of the competitors danced his survival dance (to gain audience votes and survive til the next round) to a hiphop song in Tagalog. I was totally blown away! I mean I'd heard of Pinoy hiphop, of course, but to hear it on national TV was really amazing and cool for me. This is what happens when a Pinay spends most of her life in the middle of white suburban upperclass America.

It took a bit to find it, but thanks to the community forums for the show, I found that it was Bebot by Black Eyed Peas. Too cool! Then the hubby got online and found a bunch of open access MP3s of Pinoy Hiphop. I'm so jazzed! I'm now the newest fan of apl.de.ap!

So peeps - turn me on to good Pinoy hiphop, kay? Who's your fav and who should I to listen to next?

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Might be a tad bit too old to comment but come and visit soulfiesta.blogspot.com for some good ol pinoy hiphop music!