(Mostly) Free Stuff

Scored some nice nearly free stuff this weekend after sorting through the shelves for no-longer-needed books.

Morning Star (Nick Bantock);

I fell in love with the Griffin and Sabine series back in the early '90s and met Nick Bantock a few years ago. His work is the first art that I had come across that combined narrative with physical objects and Morning Star completes the series finally for me.

The Artist's Way

I've owned this book off and on since it came out, and it was recommended to me by a friend recently. I decided I should pick it up again when I realized I couldn't remember what of her philosophy I had absorbed nor could I explain why I no longer do Morning Pages or take Art Dates.

As a family, we got other books after the Great Bookshelf Culling, including Book Four of the Lemony Snicket series for 79 cents after all was said and done, a Pooh Bear cookbook, a circus truck board book, and two Pokemon books.

I love that I have a family of readers!

My birthday book pleases me most, though, since it bridges the apparent gap between my Faith and my love of all things Star Wars. It's definitely my blush purchase of the weekend even if I only paid half price. I really wanted to pick up Jude Watson's newest hardback , but I'll have to wait until next payday.

Why the blush you ask? Because I'm still dismantling this stuffy writer's persona I've developed and it makes me feel vulnerable to admit I read stuff like this. *chuckle* Whattevah. As they say, My blog, My space. ^.^

And no, I'm not gonna say what I traded for such goodies.

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