Making and Meeting Goals

Not so great in the month of July for writing. Personal stuff mostly making it hard to be creative or to make time to be creative. *shakes head* I'm having one of those tough spells where I'm wondering yet again "just because I'm good at it, does it mean I should be doing it?" thingies.

This performance storytelling stuff is really interesting but is it just another fad for me, distracting me from the fear I have about writing?

Spiralling self doubt is really not very much fun. It's a matter of momentum, I think, though. I had great momentum earlier this summer, then wore myself out a bit, then found that I'd been ignoring other important parts of my life because of the writing, now having so little writing done, then it's easier to give up, than to try to start gaining that momentum again.

I don't want to give up, though, but I don't want to keep making promises I can't seem to keep, either to myself or to others. So all in all, I really don't know what to do. *sigh*

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