God Is Person

Our soul is our absolute identity, created by God in God's image. God is the First Cause, who reaches out to us and in turning our awareness to God, we come into right relationship wiht the First Cause, God who is Person. It's noted that our theories/concepts of God are not God, but theories/concepts - metaphors which, though powerful, merely reflect (usually imperfectly), what Is.

-- paraphrased, Chapter 1 The Way to Christ.

I picked up this book mainly because I've been looking for a book to help me understand the foundation of thought for John Paul II's Theology of the Body, a body of work covering 129 encyclicals given between 1979 and 1984. Think of it - the previous pope spent /five years/ talking about the integration of body, soul, and spirit, and the basis of his line of thinking is simple - the body itself gives clues to the divine. Much of JPII's philosophy is based in phenomenology which was developed in response to the apparent failure of the Renaissance philosophy. It's heady stuff, and I can't say I understand it, hence the need to find some way into the conversation. I'm hopeful that The Way to Christ will give me the clues I need.

Because somewhere, I think, between/among/through/inside babaylan and JPII's ToB added to the Native American stories and my other previous experience, is the amalgam for my mosaic.

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