It's an embarassment of riches, really. Richness in the sense that I have so many wonderful books on my shelf ready to be read. Embarassment because I'm having a hard time reading any one book from front cover to back cover. A friend tells me that I'm one of those types who uses books more for reference, taking what I need from them, and considering most of my unfinished books are nonfiction or collection, I tend to agree.

A bit ago The Chatelaine encouraged me to create a book blog of sorts, a listing of my shelved harvest similar to The Galatea Poetry Library . So I've started a blog called simply Wor(l)ds, which will be an ongoing project listing the books on my shelf or on my wishlist and their relative state of being (read/partially read/unread/signed).

For what purpose? *shrug* Perhaps it's yet another attempt at accountability, but just as likely, a shorthand way to give a passerby a better understanding of where I get all these crazy ideas of mine, and allow all my spaces a voice in BWT.

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