Advice to a Writer

Before you begin writing ask yourself the question:

What am I writing for?
- watch for the Ego, who says things like "to prove myself," "to gain recognition," for these are spaces of fear;
- center yourself, breathe deep in Mountain pose and ask again
- the answer to this question is your Intention for writing

Once you have your intention, clarify the immediate focus for your writing session. Intention and focus are two different/related things, but intention must come before focus.

-- paraphrased from Chapter 1 of The Journey from the Center to the Page

I bought this book because I've been having a terrible time finding a copy of Judith Barrington's Writing the Memoir. Borders claims it's out of print, but Amazon still seems to have copies. I may have to order it later on. Anyway, I picked Journey from the Center because of this idea of Intention that has been milling around in my brain, how it is a remedy against Emotional Reasoning a habit of mind I've identified as needing to be released as I examine/rewrite my master narratives.

The thought is that as I take apart these narratives, breaking them free from myself, allowing mySelf to be decloaked, those pieces can be used as pieces of a mosaic. The mosaic itself takes on a shape depending on my Intent, which has to do with healing/community/story, and the glue/cement that holds these pieces together is an amalgam of Faith.

Finding this book, then is a curvature back to the original space, bringing writing together with intent and making a new method of visioning storymaking.

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