It's been a tough month that I hope is turning around finally with the appearance of several interesting encounters with writers last night.

First I ran into Kate Trueblood (fiction, The Sperm Donor's Daughter) at dinner, all tan from hanging out at the waterslides with her kids. Amazingly, she's managing to finish her newest book even though she's without childcare this summer. Writing moms strike again! Just seeing her briefly and knowing she's there, close by, doing the mom thing and the writing thing and soon the teaching thing once the college starts up made me feel so /right/. I could have ridden on that wave for many days to come.

But no...there was more to come! I ran into Carol Guess (fiction/memoir/poetry, Femme's Dictionary) just as I was coming out of a bookstore. I hadn't seen her in over a year I think - she was my thesis chair, back-in-the-day - but we'd also shared a couple of interesting adventures after I graduated. She was going in to do some writing and we hope to get together soon to talk shop, life, and everything. Two writers in a row - unbelievable good luck! She's an inspiration too, doin' the I-5 fly, writing, teaching and generally keeping this little corner of the world from being too..."W"... iffin' yah knowwhattImean.

And even /more/ wonderfulneses was yet to come! At the local B&N they were having of all things open poetry mic night! I didn't even know they /had/ an open mic night there!

So yeah, I'm buzzy...all buzzy today. Oh, and tonight? Tonight will be more storytelling to benefit The Whatcom Land Trust which just continues the theme of the week - how do we bring art into the real world so that it positively changes the social/political/environmental issues that we face? How can we heal the land and it's people with stories?

Today is a /good/ day.

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Cowitz said...

My sister is reading La Femme's Dictionary and she tells me great things about it.

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