*sigh* Okee I did better in June than in May on the writing goal, but did fall short in the end. Lots of reasons/excuses, of course...illness...stress...family visits, but mostly I'm pretty proud to have done so much writing in one month. I put together, with the help of my writing mentors and buddies, three new poems for submission. The most recent poem is proving difficult, mostly because of subject matter, but I do give it about a 50/50 chance of emerging this month.

I learned a lot from this last month of writing:

1) A half hour a day isn't feasible. I need more looseness, a better sense of timelessness.
2) Setting aside a four hour block on the weekend is best.
3) There is a tipping point for a piece, when it actually /feels/ viable. Once that moment is reached, I can write on the piece and not feel time. If that moment hasn't been reached, it's crazymaking to make myself look at the material over and over.
4) Prayer is key for me to feel successful. If I don't connect with God about my writing, I really feel isolated.
5) Sharing my work with people I trust is also key for me to feel successful. There is /nothing/ like a really good critique to make me feel competant and to keep a piece afloat.
6) Writing is one of three essentials in my life. One other is sleep. If I don't have all three in a week, then I can't do/enjoy much of anything. They are all apparently tied.
7) Writing my 'one inch frame' of life is my voice.
8) Once a piece is out in the world, I can't predict where it will go, who it will affect, and how long a life it will have. That's both cool and scary. But mostly really, really cool when a piece goes on and on without me touching it.

So, this month, I'd like to wrap this last poem (for awhile) and get on my a** to actually finish a chapter of this book.

I didn't clean out a card collection for the poor turnout in May, but the gals have got me looking through my cards, so I'll be doing that for sure this weekend. The hard part about /that/ is they're enthusiasm is getting me jazzed about my collection. So now I have to also figure out if I'm collecting cards again...and what series I've missed (I think I need some ROTK...and maybe some SWII and SWIII)...and how much it will cost to get all the wax boxes to catch up...(the collecting bug is hard to shake...it's part shopping, part treasure hunting...and derned expensive!)

Oh and Hubby is going to the Mecca of Books (Powells in Portland) in a few weeks. I need to compile my list of 'must haves even if I can't seem to finish the ones I already have' list. *rubs hands together*

*blinks* Oh look, another opportunity to overspend. Books and cards. My two loves. My two vices.

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Grace said...

Hey Bec!
It's good to be back. Thanks from your sharing your learning from your writing this past month and sharing your process. It was so useful and inspiring.

I definately have fallen out of the habit of writing once a day. And it's inspiring to see you publically hold the energy and space for yourself in the way that you do. It's an awesome way to care for yourself.

I especially like how you link writing to invoking the Creator and bringing spirit into the process.
And how you identified what happens for you with the tipping point.

I often feel like I stop before I go there because I'm afraid of what might spill out. But reading your words what was I needed for today.

Sending aloha- Grace