New Links

Added a few new links today.

I heard Joy Harjo read at the University of Idaho back in '96-'97. I remember how stunning her phrasing was and how her sax playing was as much poetry as her words. It was cool then, to come across her blog link on Leny's blog .

I also added Babaylan Files mostly to help me understand the babaylan path...if that's a correct use of the term...it resonates though, with much of what I know about indigenous NW spirituality and myth, so I'm hopeful that I can bridge the gap. It will be good to bring that space into myself too.

Finally, Oscar Bermeo appears because his most recent post written today reminds me of how language can be beautifully bent to give honor to that which science renders cold. Drumming the Dreamtime, drawing down the moon, slipping down the red path, singing faerie tunes.

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