Chatelaine's Chapbook Release!

During my sweeps of blogs I read, I was happy to learn that the ever prolific Chatelaine has released a new chapbook.

Songs of the Colon has been released by abadada books.

In this chapbook, Eileen extends her reach into the spaces created by the implied meanings of ":" with a first set of poems called Estrus Gaze(s). The mind spins with possibility as to what comes before each colon that would merit further comment illuminated with each line. Eileen reveals in the afterword the links between the poetry and autism, giving the reader further depth and a place to perhaps understand the inner vision of the autistic. My favorite from the set was :Wild with its line

: the all-consuming business of prehistoric histrionics

which spun its own little tale in my head both humorous and sad.

The second set called The Masvikiru Quatrains proved more challenging for me, but my appreciation for them grew after reading the Afterword. Words have a music all their own for me, and when I write, I hear the rise and fall of them in my inner ear. The Quatrains do similar, with the colon serving as a pause in some lines and a phrasing in others, allowing the mind to glide from one word to another. This is part of the intent, I understand from Eileen's commentary, so on second read, the patterns start to emerge for me. Lines like

maternity: comforting embroider

from The Eleventh Page and

checkerboard: inkwell forswore

from The Eighteenth Page

defy the ideas of definition and narrative, allowing for the poetry to "express what words have to say" as Carl Andre has written.

Kudos to Eileen and late congratulations on ten years of writing-passion goodness!

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EILEEN said...

Thank you Bec. The poems live through your openness,