I've been archiving emails lately...I had a backlog of over 1000 messages (*sheesh*) dating back nearly a year.

I came across a message from Katinka who's blog and work on Fiercewomen resonate with much of what I'm trying to communicate too. So I'm adding her to my sidebar - very overdue, but I'll be glad to catch up with her work!

I'm reminded too of something Ernesto mused about in his blog awhile back, about why folks blog...and how his wonderings triggered a memory of mine of a series of emails I exchanged with a writer/editor who was warning me to be careful what I posted on my blog.

Voice and Witness and Censorship are all things I think about when I blog...as a writer, I come to the screen with a certain deliberateness...I need to say something...this blog (Binding...) was to be something more 'professional,' a personal column of sorts, with a small readership (likely one or two), but with view toward communicating with a larger audience should they come wandering by. I write very little of my personal stuff...I have another blog else-net for that...at the same time, this blog has turned out to be less tailored than the blog-zine's out there are very slick and well-thought out.

The thing I'm realizing recently, though, especially in revisiting Katinka's and Grace's blogs, is that there are times when I just need to bear witness to my own experience.

Here I have to put a nod in to Barbara Jane's musings on the Literature of W(h)it(e)ness...Having viewed myself as white for a great many years despite my skin color, there's an odd juxtaposition for myself in the idea of burying white/dominant culture within the act of revealing/celebrating that which has been oppressed/abused/hidden.

So, in a sense, I skate here to my own music...I cannot control what an editor who wanders here might think of me and my work, and thus I cannot allow my space to be yet again, a place of self-censorship. At the same time, by only revealing a certain set of experiences here, I'm creating that 'one inch square' detail of my life as proposed by Anne Lamott. But that square is of my own choosing, and thus my choice, which is, to my thoughts, what Voice is all about.


madlyme.com said...

Hi Rebecca.

Thanks for the shout out. I've added a link to your blog on my blog too.

I used to worry also about watching what I said in my blog, because I didn't want to damage my writing career before I'd even launched it. In fact, I used to publish two different blogs, one for the public and one for the personal. But since I'm not a published author yet, I didn't have any news to report on my writing career. And I suppose the personal is what keeps readers coming back. I've heard it said that in literature it's the people who matter, not the issues. But people have issues, especially now, with nearly half of Americans dealing with mental illness at some time in their lives.

Anyway, I've been lurking your blog for quite some time. I look forward to reading more.

Take care,


barbara jane said...

hey bec, amen. while i also am quite discerning about what details of my life end up in my blog, i also am wary of editors who, while appearing to voice concern/caution/etc, are also exercising censorship over your words and writing practices. i think we are all grown-ups who know how to exercise tact, and however widely or not widely published, we are also all professional writers who can make good, sound decisions about what we write and offer to the world.

(co)incidentally i believe ver has also very recently blogged about being questioned for what she reveals in her own e-space.

keep spinning those stories and crafting from those deepest places.... peace and love barb

Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor said...

Hey Katinka and Barb, thanks for the encouragement/support. It's writer grrls like you who make me feel less alone and more empowered everyday.