Maraming Salamat!

Thank you to Rochita for her review of my poem "Mail Order Bride" that appeared in the April installment of Babaylan Speaks.

Her thoughtful review and placement of the poem in current issues is the highest compliment this writer could hope for.

I am very appreciative to Eileen and Meritage Press for their support. The e-publication of this one poem has opened many doors for me in the past few months!


barbara jane said...

hey bec, that's awesome. yes, rochite does say some really good things about your poem. kudos!

rcloenen-ruiz said...

I actually didn't say half the things that were in my mind at that moment. You know how it is with kids around the house. I think it is a very powerful poem, because it continues to resonate in the mind of the reader (it still resonates in this readers mind), long after the poem has been read.

It is an excellent poem, Bec.

(stopping here before this turns into another full-blown post :)