Isis: Remembering

Been delving more into memoir again, now that a bit of the poetry fever of the last couple of months is abating. Coupled with the appearance of Isis in my experience, I've been reminded that Isis is also about re-membering, bring things back together, like she did Ra. Thus my blog's moniker...and the ideas behind mosaic I wrote about a couple of months ago too...

Because memoir is about re-membering, realizing that what we don't know about our selves is also seeing ourselves as fragmented, and that by putting one part next to another part in the act of memory, then we create new meaning for ourselves and experience.

But again, it's about details, about taking the smallest bit of our lives, making a metaphor of it (say a random meme), to link all those bits into something new, even if, just for ourselves. It starts small then is allowed to go wild, random, free, then comes back again, recursive, like a refrain, like a pattern. There's comfort in that.

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