I found this poetic form mentioned here. Thanks to Jean for mentioning it. (Her thoughts on writing and pedagogy are helpful too.)

Based on an exercise from Poetry Sundays, that stipulates the following:

Biopoem Exercise by Ellen Edwell

Here's something to try, if you like. It's called a BIOPOEM. It has a particular format that I use to get students going sometimes.

line 1: Your first name
line 2: Four nouns or adjectives that describe you
line 3: Who lives in______________
line 4: A lover of.... (list 3-4 specific people, things, ideas)
line 5: Who notices..... (list 3-4 specific things)
line 6: Who feels..... (3-4 specific listings)
line 7: Who learns ________________ from ______________ (2-3 listings)
line 8: Who dreams....or hopes.....or wishes......
line 9: Your full name
line 10: A person who____________________________

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