Paper Thoughts

So according to my writing blog I haven't written a blessed thing since May 9, which is mostly true. I've jotted a few things down here and there, but haven't kept to the 1/2 hour a day routine I had set for a goal. This weekend, I plan on cleaning out the LOTR RPG cards I have in boxes *shudder*.

So it was particularly difficult to read the following on Ivy's blog

So often is the virgin sheet of paper more real than what one has to say, and so often one regrets having marred it.
—Harold Acton

It successfully captures the form of my writer's block, that arrogance that I can be perfect on the page first go. I sent it to the Hubby who wrote back:

Hmmmm, I don't buy it, though I understand the sentiment. It is the purpose of paper to take in and share our thoughts. Writing isn't marring virgin paper, it is acknowledging it's innate potential and, married with our creativity, helping to fulfill it.

If you want to get Zen about it...even written upon, the greater majority of the page remains blank. We only cover the part that, helped along by the white space, conveys meaning...

Which I found greatly comforting - the idea that the written word and the blank page compliment each other, are needed by each other to convey that which the artist intuits. Smart guy! I'm gonna keep him.

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