Discovered Marginalia: Emmy's Legal Pad Project Notes via the ever present Chatelaine (who's name is incredibly appropriate since she is in many ways the Keeper of Keys-everything poetic).

I'm reminded of my thesis "Note from the Margins" which also attempted to decenter that sense of marginalization I often felt as writer, woman of color, or aught else. Taking that space and making it central to an art project is quite brilliant and my favorite pix is the one with the piece mounted in the bathroom, margins to center, framed, yet placed above a toilet. Reminds me of the stories I've heard of Oscar winners putting their statues in the loo.

The other thing I love about this project is its interactivity, where Emmy invites people to add their words, those things that would likely be written off to the side, soto voce, meaningful in the act of being written and given space.

The recursive quality is appealing to my aesthetic sense, something soothing during this rattling time. I wish I could actually /be/ there, maybe take my own set of legal pads there, and get some words on paper.

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