Keeping It Real

So I've made that writing contract with myself finally.

It's a tad nervewracking, of course, since I've made and broken several writing contracts over the years. I tried to make it reasonable and flexible while also keeping me on track with my writing projects. It seems such a small effort, only a half hour a day, but that's more than I've written on any given day with the exception of RP.

In other realms, I spent much of the weekend spending money (and no, I'm not going to list all the items, cause my conspicous consumption is just too embarassing - I haven't even entered the receipts into Quicken yet), all to get ready for this coming weekend's adventure - the Parental Visit. And not just any Parental Visit, but both sides of the family all here to celebrate Mother's Day, First Communion, and Hubby's Birthday. I need theobromine !

Still much to do, but I'm not going to be able to wiggle out of writing very easily now that I have my accountability out there in public.

*facepalm* What have I done?

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