Chinook Wawa

One of the tough things I find when talking about race and culture is that it's often difficult to talk about one without an automatic reference to the other. As a full blood Filipina, I'm often mistaken for being able to speak Tagalog fluently and overlooked as a person more comfortable talking about the Native American tribes of the Northwest. More often than not I've been mistaken as truly local, whether that locality is Nez Perce, Salish, or Puyallup. Skin color is an easy marker of race, but not necessarily of culture, something my huband struggles with often. Being a white guy, it's often assumed that his only interesting cultural tie is me, as if living deeply in the land is somehow not cultural and alternative to the dominant culture that he is often lumped into.

That's why I'm very proud to announce the creation of ukuk lalang and look forward to reading his thoughts.

Welcome to blogland, Kel!

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