The Thing About Being Sick

...is that I tend to feel disconnected with everything. Life has moved on around me, as if it were a train and I stand at the station wondering if I try to wait for it to stop or just jump back in and risk missing the open door as it whizzes by, thereby flattening myself to the side of a speeding train.

The details are cliche': sore throat became full blown flu became congestion that is in its third day, all aggravating, of course, the fatigue I battle constantly.

I hesitate...hands frozen above the keyboard a moment...is this the best place to be writing this? *shakes head*

The upside to being sick though was finishing Truth Serum. A wonderful book about growing up gay in Hollywood before, during, and a bit after the 'discovery' of AIDS. I'd forgotten much of the hysteria and prejudice of the 70's and 80's about AIDS and it chills me still that so many are suffering both here and overseas from this epidemic (or is it now pandemic?). The thing I enjoyed most was Coopers ability to linger on the most innocuous topics, centering his memoir on what at first might seem mundane, but holds the promise of revealing profound details of our inner lives. The Fine Art of Sighing" typifies the art, the essence of which I hope to bring into my own art.

I also finally saw Hero, twice in fact, in one day, and I am still trying to absorb the seamless quality of narrative, cinemetography, martial arts, and music that is this movies's bones.

I'm woefully behind on my emails and blog responses, though, as well as stuff for the 'day job.' I did get one submission off, though, a short story, but I'm concerned because the submission process itself went very rocky with attachments getting separated from emails and such. Gotta keep moving though and try not to add more energy to my anxiety.

I have gotten a bit into the whole Foetry.com thing, which I've found a touch bemusing - AC seems to have a bone to pick and there are plenty around to either help him or hinder him. I can't recall whose blog had whose comment (and I'm not really sure I want to actually do the linking anyway) but it led me to this wild idea of Poetry Idol where poets compete for the top ranking spot through weekly slams, enduring the scorn and cheerleading of the most well paid judges the sponsors can find willing to put artists through such a trial. It's like the $64,000 Question controversy all over again.

Now what that means for poetry and poetics, I haven't a clue, other than what was once internal to the artistic community interested in poetry has been outed along with AC, and exposure of that kind can be either good or bad depending on how the individual artist and individual publisher decide to do with the trend/reaction.

So there's my two cents on that topic of the week. Now I think it's time for me to lie (lay? I could never get those straight) down again.

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