Pukengkeng Liberation Front

I have just discovered a new space, a needed space here. Thank you and welcome to Grace for creating this blog.

Like many survivors of sexual abuse, for me The Vagina Monologues are a way to express and share the intense grief and suffering that seem to defy words, to break silence, achieve voice, and above all survive and thrive.

This is not an easy space for me to inhabit, and it's often easier to stay distant, listen to other women's stories than to own my own. Grace has given me a gift, just knowing a place like her blog exists. Perhaps that gift will give me the next set of tools and the needed strength and courage to go that next step further.


Grace said...


Many mahalos for your comments and giving me props on your blog. I'm so honored. And ofcourse, feeling a little funny myself because I've never really put myself out there in this particular way.

I appreciate reading about your thoughts on identity. Which makes me want to share a piece a while back that I wrote about being rooted and routed all at once. And what it means to be a diasporic pinay in Hawaii that is occupied by the US military and still continues to heavily influence us here. In fact, if you have a moment, check this out:

It's a current struggle that's going on for us now and I'm hoping to help shine some light on the situation. Aloha- Grace

Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor said...

Grace, I'd love to read your work! Please feel free to email your piece to me. I'm always interested in other's stories.

As for Stop UARC, it's very sad to see that once again the UH administration is choosing to hide their activities rather than being open with their plans. We ran into this sort of cronyism when we lived in Honolulu and Hubby was a grad student at UH. Infighting between the Chinese studies department and Anthropology ended up causing the departure of several good grad students who would have been forced to stay an extra year to complete language requirements. Hubby was one of these students and we high-tailed it out of there after living there a year.

I still have mixed feelings about my experience there, but reconnecting like this is actually quite helpful.

Mahalo Nui