Life Is Wonderful!

Thank you Eileen and Meritage Press for being my new Peeps!

The April edition of Meritage Press' "Babaylan Speaks" http://www.meritagepress.com/babaylanspeaks/

features several poems, including hay(na)ku, from

Jill Jones
Ernesto Priego
Chad Parenteau
Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor
Glynda Tejada Velasco

We need someone to believe in us -- if we do well, we want our work commended, our faith corroborated. The individual who thinks well of you, who keeps his mind on your good qualities, and does not look for your flaws, is your friend. Who is my brother? I'll tell you: he is the one who recognizes the good in me. ~Elbert Hubbard


EILEEN said...

I already got an email from Leny Strobel who was on her way to catch a plane to a conference that she was mucho impressed by your poem!!!!

Ivy said...

Rebecca, just a note to let you know that I read your poem in the latest Babaylan and I am absolutely in awe of Mail-Order Bride.

Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor said...

For Eileen,

Thanks for passing on Leny's comments! I hope she and I can connect. I find what work I can find of hers on the 'net very interesting. It's so great to see so many Filipino writers out there. I'm discovering new ones every day!

Rebecca Mabanglo-Mayor said...


Thanks so much for your comment! I'm very glad the poem seems to have touched you. Your blog is very interesting too! I look forward to reading more of your work.