Halo Halo Means Mix Mix

Thank you to Eileen for her favorable review of Halo Halo Means Mix Mix! Her continued support humbles my heart.

Halo Halo was originally designed as a hypertext short story, but as of now, it is a story printed on cards that can be shuffled. It was my little experiment in cubism, the backstory being that all the parts of the story are converging on the mind of the protagonist as she decides whether to break her engagement. It was also my attempt to subvert the idea that authors are the 'authority' when it comes to their work.

When I workshopped the piece, I told my classmates to take the manuscript, remove the paperclip, and throw it up in the air, letting the randomness of the moment determine how the ordering would go. My classmates to a one blanched, all very resistant to take on such responsibility. At my final thesis reading, I had to get a 'non-writer' friend (meaning significant other of a classmate who also didn't want to shuffle the cards) to do the randomizing. It was a bit nervewracking to read the piece, but also really exciting because it was like I was reading the piece for the first time. The repetition did some interesting things to the theme that I hadn't anticipated either.

Anyway, I still hope to get the piece up as a hypertext story complete with links, pix, and random events, but until then, it's very nice to know the 'low tech' version works.

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