After taking the kids to see the 'rents, we managed to sneak by Elliot Bay Books on the way home where I scored a copy of Screaming Monkeys by Evelina Galang and Amok by Emil Guelliermo.

Over the course of the weekend, Hubby and I talked about the politics of race and identity, and ultimately combined ideas from business innovation with artistic expression. In all, there was an understanding that there is content separate from perceived value - content being what it is (writing, art, product) and perceived value being the thing that advertisers hook into. We cannot expect others to value our work/content, unless we can communicate our passion about the work. In the end, I was left remembering Margaret Cho's call to action, that any act an be an act of defiance against the dominant paradigm, and that we as minorities (gender, race, creed, sexuality, etc) have a responsibility to be defiant, to not allow the dominant paradigm to be comfortable, but to constantly question and bring attention to these things we are asked to swallow as Truth.

Screaming Monkeys is an incredible book, even just through the first few pages - I feel a certain relief that my work no longer has to be 'everything,' somehow representative of an entire culture's experience. I am still disturbed that there are so few lyric memoirists out there - critical essayists, poets, and fiction writers, even multimedia and playrights, but where are all the storytellers who just tell the personal stories?

There are things to remember, to bring forward - Panopticons, racist moments in my life, watching FilAm performances at the Seattle Center.

But this is all for now.

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